The American Road

Over 3,800 Miles in 3 weeks.

road trip route

Around noon May, 28th 2016, me and my best friend packed all my belongings into a cramped 2000 Honda Civic and headed West. i was moving out to San Francisco to start an internship and possibly relocate there so from the get go the trip had excitement, hope, and exploration.

For practical purposes, we planned to cap the driving time to 8 hours per day. Gas cost would be split 60/40 since i would be picking up cost of long term wear and tear from the trip. Food was all individually purchased. Rather than eating out, we tried to buy as many groceries as we could to save cost. Lodging would be 100% free, Couchsurfing (which i can't recommend more) or camping... or sleeping in the car on the side of the road.