Free 5 Star Stay- New Orleans, Louisiana

Southern Heat

After Asheville, and two nights in Atlanta and Fort Benning GA, we traveled to New Orleans, the Mecca of southern culture. Heading west on Interstate 10, we drove through beautiful pine forests and other coniferous trees.

New Orleans was one of the few cities we had trouble finding a couch surfer host on. Hosts ranged from a guy asking to help build his shack on a plot of land with no plumbing or electricity, to a woman who had very tight restrictions on when guest could enter and leave her house. 50 miles outside of the city we passed a major man hunt/body recovery from the bayou. I’ve never seen so many police cars in my life. It looked to be about 50 vehicles, a few helicopters, swat team, highway patrol, police, and sheriffs. The traffic slowed to a crawl and we took the time to scour the CouchSurfing app to find a host. An hour later (and only about 5 miles due to traffic) we got a hit for a host. It was an interesting set up. The man was a financial VP at an oil company in Houston and was visiting for a conference. His colleague cancelled so he had an extra room. An extra suit to be exact… in a 5 star hotel!

After driving 8 hours with no air-conditioning in 90 degree weather with 60% humidity, we pulled up to the Windsor Court Hotel in the dirty, cramped ‘00 Honda Civic. We pulled up to the Windsor in a dirt covered ’00 Honda Civic, sweating and grimy. The valet took the car, we checked in, stench and all, picking up the key and vouchers for room service and breakfast.



New Orleans, Louisiana

The next big Hollywood extras?

The room had a gorgeous view. Overlooking the city, it had French doors, a huge bathroom and a giant bed with a ton of those fluffy soft oversized pillows. We stepped out into the hall way to walk around and stretch our legs when a woman asks if we’re going across the street to the casino. We tell her we aren’t because we’re going to Vegas later on in the trip and can’t loose all our money now. She looked at us weird and said that the next Wolverine movie was being shot across the street!

Sure enough when we walked to the casino, we see Patrick Stewart, as Professor X in his wheel chair being pushed by Hugh Jackman, Wolverine himself! Long story short, we ended up migrating in with the extras group, trying to sneak our way into the background shots. After about an hour of that we decided to head back to the hotel and 5 minutes later we see Patrick Stewart coming into the hotel lobby after a day of shooting!

That night we went out onto Bourbon St, exploring the plethora of bars along the strip. Much like our interaction with Mr. Stewart, our time out was short lived. It began to rain and not many people were out on this otherwise very lucky Wednesday.

Next morning we eat an amazing breakfast of French toast, waffles, eggs, smoothies and tatter tots. Best part was.. ALL FO’ FREE! All thanks to our CouchSurfer host. After, we went for a rooftop swim and ordered room service (the crispiest turkey bacon club sandwiches and creme brulee glazed to perfection). We were well rested for the next leg of the trip...Texas.

new orleans