X-Games and 6th St.- Austin, Texas (Part 1)

By far, Texas was the state I was most anticipated to visit. Neither of us had been to the Lone Star state before. And so a week of our trip driving through and exploring several parts of Texas. In total, we spent a week in the Lone Star State. Our first night was in Houston where we only spent the night before heading on to Austin. Austin is one of the cleanest, prettiest and friendliest cities I have ever traveled through in my life. From the streets to the people to the parks and wildlife, Austin is bustling with life and energy. Our first host lived about half an hour from down town. She was also hosting a photographer from Netherlands, (check out her work at http://www.statesidenomad.com/) and a developer from France during our stay as well. 

The X-Games

X Games, Austin, Texas

The X-Games were being held that day, so Bennett and I went to go check it out. Tickets were a  reasonable $30. The scene was awesome. Huge mega ramps, vendors giving out swag, great bar-b-q, the smell of small cylinder single stroke motors, and the excitement that comes along with extreme sports. I didn't know any of the competitors, except for a few super stars such as Bob Burnquist. The worst part of the whole thing was the oppressive heat. Peaking around 97 degrees with direct sun really did a number on us. But the X-Games did a great job keeping water cold and accessible throughout the park. After collecting free swag, a pull up contest (which Bennett killed), and a new free pair of hella comfortable underwear, we headed back to the house.

x games austin im avoiding growing up

Partying on 6th Street

That night we went to another CouchSurfer's birthday party. His studio apartment had a great view and over looked the skyline of Austin. It was our host, me, Bennett, the French, Dutch and about 8 others. After the pre-game at his place, we went out on 6th st. I wish I could remember which bar we went to but it was huge. There was cross-dressing band playing in the front room--their style reminded me of Foxygen. Moving further into the bar was an outdoor patio with corn-hole, another bar and horse shoes. At the end of that was another door entering into a huge inside dance floor... which lead to another. To be perfectly honest I don't remember much of the night while in the bar besides getting lost a few times from the group and finally finding them right before they left to hit up some late night food trucks. 

6th street austin

That's another beautiful thing about Austin: late night food trucks. They really know how to keep the people happy out there. I think it was around 2 am and there were multiple trucks running at full capacity for the crowds leaving the clubs. After loading up on some tacos, we went home and slept a few hours before the next day's adventures.